Mark Ronson TED Talk Remixed

Mark Ronson did a talk on sampling recently for TED so I’ve sampled the sample talk and even put the samples on Blend.io so you too can sample the sample about samples. 


Wizard of Oz

I’ve teamed up with my cousin BeatNiK to celebrate the 75th Anniversary of "The Wizard of Oz" by remixing it silly. This mix is Todo heavy because let’s face it, he’s the real star of the film. If you like the video you can download the extended audio mix from BeatNiK’s soundcloud for nish.


Cosmos vs Lazerdisk vs The Knocks

COSMOS, the Carl Sagan Cosmos series has been remade with Neil Degrasse Tyson and is flipping ridicusick. MELANGE  is the new ep from Lazerdisk. The track “Crashing” on Melange is a collaboration between Lazerdisk and The Knocks and they asked me to remix it. I try to make everything I do about video as well as music (video music ainnit) so I decided to combine my audio remix with the Cosmos TV show what with the lyrics being so starry and such “You know where we are, dancing in the stars……”


Mind Control Tool

Technology has been able to give you a case of the mind shits for sometime now. Just ask the Russians about their sonic weather weapons and apparently Nikola Tesla could make someone do the macarena from 200 yards away with just a pocket watch and a lighter. So YC the Cynic and I teamed up to make a genuine Audio-Visual assault to the system. The track opens with fair warning so don’t come moaning to us if after watching you have no free will and keep scratching your privates every time someone rings your door bell. If you find the nose bleeds stop and you still want more you can get the stems to remix with here or listen to it on spotify.



How I feel for you


Spotify Method


#wimbledon #shakethatgrass

Jun 26, 2014 | #wimbledon #shakethatgrass by EclecticMethod on Keek.com


Make a song and dance about poverty #OxfamSong


BCNLIVE : 25th June 2014

This coming Wednesday (25th June 2014) I will be doing a live video remix show in Barcelona with video DJs DJ2D2 and DJ Que Baila. We will be streaming from Centre Municipal de Creació Multimèdia de L’Hospitalet green screen facility for 3 hours of fun, 1 hour each.

LIVE STREAM LINK : http://www.bit.ly/BCNLIVE


Wimbledon : Shake That Grass

The embodiment of British reserve, the Wimbledon tennis tournament opens on 23rd June. What better way to celebrate than with a loud electro house audio-visual remix made up of racket thwacks, grunts and other moments from the history of the competition. So Music Producer Eye on the Pyramid and I have teamed up to give this year’s Wimbledon a jolt in the grass with “Wimbledon : Shake That Grass”. A track made for tennis fans and DJs alike, though whatever you do, don’t get caught shouting #ShakeThatGrass courtside. Also if you want you can download the stems from Blend.io and remix it yourself.



Video Remix DJ Producer



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